"More Liveable"


How Can You Make A Difference?

  • Set an example for others 

  • Carry a litter bag in your car 

  • Make sure trash cans have lids that fasten 

  • If you own a business, check dumpsters daily to ensure top and side doors are closed 

  • Report areas where people have illegally dumped garbage and debris to your local highway, public works, or conservation office 

  • Organize a clean up 

  • Cover open loads on all trucks 

  • Encourage a school to start a "clean campus" program. This could include placement of trash receptacles, litter pick-ups, and projects in which students track litter's origins 

  • Ask marina operators if your civic group can pass out litter bags to boaters 

  • Start a Composting Bin


Keep America Beautiful and Keep Mississippi Beautiful have information available on their websites to promote ending litter, recycling, and make communities beautiful. Visit their websites at www.KAB.org and www.keepmsbeautiful.com.

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